Technical Consultancy and Support Services
Our services are designed to support management of aircarft redeliveries, repossessions, disposals, records reviews and physical audits for / or on behalf of lessors and airlines.

We provide a variety of comprehensive solutions, carefully tailored to our customers specific requirements, including: Technical Project Management, Technical Records Management, Engine Technical Advisory, Technical Aircraft Inspection and others. The solutions can be delivered individually or as a part of flexible, custom-made package, designed to increase customers operational effectiveness and efficiency while reducing risks
Why choose us?

Knowledge base
Extensive knowledge and experience to support challenges of aircraft redelivery, repossession and deivery projects
Regulatory Compliance
Extensive experience to support aircraft transition, repossession and disposal projects from a regulatory perspective
Global Support
Dedicated remote and local project support at any location around the world
Our services
Airgenix is a platform that supports both Lessors and Airline Technical and Commercial Projects worldwide
Technical Project Management
  1. Development of transition strategies
  2. On-site presentation and supervision
  3. Regulatory Compliance
  4. Asessment of return conditions
  5. Workscope optimisation
  6. Arrengment of pre-purchase, end of lease inspections
  7. Arrengment of redelviery inspections
  8. Record reviews for and on behalf of the customer.
Technical Records Management
  1. Assembly, audit and technical records review
  2. On site representation
  3. Preparation of remarketing packs for main assemblies
  4. Discrepancy resolution
  5. Liason between main stakeholders
  6. Issue management

Engine Technical Advisory
  1. Project management
  2. Physical inspection
  3. BSI and MPA oversight
  4. LRU / QEC inventory verification
  5. LLP back to birth traceability
  6. Discrepancy resolution
  7. Issue management
  8. Documentation management

What will you get?
Transition Management
Management of all challenging aspects of aircraft delivery, redelivery, repossession, records review and physical inspection projects

Physical Inspections and Records Audits
On ground support for pre-purchase, end-of-lease and aircraft redelivery inspections combined with extensive knowledge and experience of supporting challenges of aircraft technical records review and preparation
Technical Consultancy
Improved solutions for optimisation of clients maintenance programmes, using customer-centric and efficient maintenance concepts
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Final flight of Baby Bus

When I was just starting my carrier I remember this aircraft stopping over in Shannon for refueling, could not imagine that I will be directly involved in the final life stages of this aircraft. After few months of work another birdy gone, was happy to support this project.

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