Jinn Updates

Jinn Version 1.1.1 Update

In Jinn we are working on simplification and automatization processes and controls so that customers can concentrate on value-add activities. Positioning Jinn as a technology company, we are constantly working on new features that will provide our customers with more flexibility in inventory management, storage, fulfillment, delivery and many more.

Today we are proud to announce the deployment of a new Jinn Inventory version that includes the following updates:

Order creation interface

  • More user friendly and logical order creation form with new delivery options and address book.

Arrival creation interface

  • More user-friendly and logical arrival creation form with new carrier and delivery options, and address book.

Address card search

  • You can now see more than one address card in the address selection screen with all main information in it. You can select, amend and create address cards from the single screen.

Better visibility of damaged goods

  • Now you can see pictures of damaged products arriving at the Jinn Warehouse and have access to inventory stock of damaged products in real time.

More flexibility with order status

  • Now you can revert order status to draft and make changes to existing orders or delete them.

New filtering options for orders and arrivals

General bug fixes

We are currently investing into development of various delivery options and new features with user friendly interface so our customers have better inventory management and fulfillment capabilities as well as their clients would have more flexibility and options for receiving their goods in the most convenient and efficient way. Your business growth is our growth, therefore we are here to help you succeed.

As more features will be deployed in future and more news will be published, for all important and up to date information please refer to “News Feed” in your Dashboard.

New Delivery options

  • Now you have access to DPD, Itella, Venipak and Omniva delivery options.