Jinn is a technology solutions provider that offers a wide range of services to the e-commerce industry

Our goal is to help your e-commerce business save on warehouse costs, reduce picking and packing times, so your customers receive fast, personalized and affordable shipping. Our team is committed to:

Simplifying and automating processes and controls so that customers can concentrate on value-add activities

Reducing operating costs through increased productivity and process efficiency savings

Allowing customers to focus on increasing sales, company growth and brand promotion

Order picking in progress

Our Story

Jinn was developed by realising how challenging it may be for small and medium sized businesses to find all in one stop shop where their inventory would be properly stored, managed and shipped without the need of physical presence on the premises. As a storage and logistics provider we were trying to find a solution to our own problem. As storage turnover grew it become more complicated to receive, accept, store, manage and find the inventory on the shelfs, and dispatch them. It required more time and man-power resources. We looked for fulfilment solutions to enable us to focus on growing our business, automate our processes and better track our inventory; unfortunately, we came up wanting.

The solutions we wanted weren't there, so we created our own solution and Jinn began. At the moment Jinn finished the first phase of our roadmap and now we are providing main fulfilment services and building brand recognition. For more details on our plans and roadmap please do not hesitate to contact us.

Values we live by

Our goal is to create analytics that are easy to use and understand. We target unnecessary complexity within organisations and aim to give users clear information efficiently and put strong analytic capabilities into the hands of all customers.



Jinn is built upon deep knowledge of warehousing, process optimisation and logistics. We deliver analytics and statistics for orders and inventory with plans to deploy customisable analysis tools, reports, KPIs and feedback on performance.



Our staff have a deep understanding of the industry and technology. We hire innovative thinkers. We work to provide new and better ways to enable efficient, knowledge-based decisions across the industry.



We are striving to transform decision-making capabilities for our clients. Everything we do is driven by our ambition to become the industry wide technology platform of choice.



Real failure is failing to live by your values, and real success is taking action every day to embody them.

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