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Jinn Fulfillment Services


We automated fulfillment process to reduce order processing times so our customers and their recipients can receive their parcels in shortest time since making the order.

We pride ourselves in partnering with our customers to provide a service that gives you peace of mind and helps you to optimize for time and cost, use the delivery experience to beat customer expectations, and own more of the customer relationship.

Streamlined and efficient fulfillment process

Help us understand your business and provide all product details so we can start setting up filfillment base.

Connect with us and send your products


We store your goods in an automated warehouse

Our fulfillment center is automated and secure, providing our customers with 72,000 pallet places and 2,000 m2 of available fulfillment space.


We are monitoring all your orders so we can immediately start to pick and prepare them for dispatch.


We pick, pack and ship the order to your customers

Your customers place orders with you on your stores

So you as our customer can focus on growing your customer base and marketing your products.


What Jinn fulfillment offers the e-commerce industry

We value individuality of each business and fast growing competition in e-commerce sector requires reception of inventory, picking, packing, preparation of shipping labels, shipment of orders, management of returns, inventory management in most durable, cost efficient and fast manner to meet our customer expectations.

Strong analytics to track warehouse performance

Make pickings faster & less stressful

Process orders faster by collecting the products in your warehouse with on-screen picking lists using phone, ipad or handheld devices. You can automatically create QR codes for product locations and simply scan them during picking process.

Using such system will help you to connect the product to dedicated location and significantly reduce picking times, especially if you store high number of SKUs. Proper management of locations and SKUs in those locations will improve your stock control and inventory management.

Order categories and tools to track customer orders in fulfillment process

Order management

At Jinn, we track and give you all the tools to track your orders from A to Z. Filter orders by status, client, address or time span, find specific orders and check where your orders are in the fulfillment process, whether they were already picked, packed, shipped and get a quick snapshot of orders that require action.

With Jinn, you can handle orders from different sales channels and easily find all product and order related information (e.g. weights, picking, packing and shipping times, clients address and shipment cards), and in addition to this can check tracking information with the click of the button. Using Jinn capabilities you will always know how many orders were fulfilled, picked, packed, find shipping related information and get user friendly and simple analysis tools to evaluate performance.

Streamlined product and information flow in fulfillment process

Inventory management

Efficient and modern way of stock management that provides up to date information to customer inventory at any time. With Jinn capabilities you have access to real-time information to better understand the productivity and inventory flow through the warehouse. This type of software helps businesses track their stock levels and manage orders so our customers will always know which inventory require replenishment, find shipping related information and get simple analysis tools to evaluate performance.

Our platform has in built processes to validate order and product information, and print shipping labels automatically. Simply scan the right product while packing and forget about sending the wrong articles to your clients.

Never run out of stock thanks to low stock alerts, upload photos to verify incoming and outgoing inventory and track condition, and seamlessly manage inventory from your phone, tablet, or computer—any time, anywhere.

List of couriers and future integrations to improve shipping

Shipping & transportation

Simplified shipping ensures that no more time is wasted on logins and management third party systems to consolidate inventory and orders, to create shipments and automatically print shipping labels. Using Jinn capabilities your staff will be able to manage the shipping process for multiple carriers from a single platform, whilst also automating manual processes, generating shipping labels and tracking orders from initial acceptance until the doorstep of the final recipient with a click of a button.

With Jinn your business get access to a list of domestic and international carriers that is constantly growing saving your time on costly integrations.

Ship with confidence knowing you save more money, print faster and spend less time shipping with Jinn.

More than just pick, pack, ship

Manage all your orders and inventory in one place with seamless access from any device

Multi channel

multi channel management

Scale your operations with multiple users by giving them access and managing permissions

Multi user

multi user system

Pick orders with on-screen picking lists using phone, ipad or handheld devices


picking list

Use analytical tools and charts to monitor performance and improve operations


order packing


Scan the right product while packing and forget about sending the wrong articles to your clients

performace analytics

Enjoy access to courier database, automatic label printing and international shipping

Couriers and shipping

same day shipping

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