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Efficiently manage your inventory, fulfillment processes, sales and purchase orders, customer activity, and shipments with a single order management system. Gain full visibility into the flow of goods to improve customer satisfaction, decrease costs, and optimize supply chain performance. This will free up your time to focus on growing your business.

Inventory is essential for your company's manufacturing, logistics, sales and customer service. To improve your inventory management, you need to improve your inventory planning, real-time visibility and stock control.

Intelligent software to accelerate inventory management

Never run out of stock with visual on time low stock alerts

Inventory notifications

multi channel management

Scale your operations with multiple users by giving them access and managing permissions

Multi user

multi user system

Simple barcode generation and scanning system for inventory management

Barcode scanning

picking list
order packing

Finances and billing

Use analytical tools and charts to monitor performance and improve operations

Manage prices, discounts and billing on the go


performace analytics

Access your stock from phone, tablet, or computer any time, anywhere

Real time stock access

same day shipping
WMS - Warehouse Management System
Coming soon
Order out for the same day delivery from our fulfillment warehouse

More than just an order management system

Create non-fulfillable orders – if you have intangible products or products that are not in stock but you need the order for, can be managed by non-fulfillable order type.

Add product categories, types and tags for better management, search and filtering.

Create a new product through order and add it to the order straight away.

Assign and manage access to your team and customers.

Order out for the same day delivery from our fulfillment warehouse

Simplify your finances and billing

Assign customers to any product to automatically bill it when customer orders the product.

Add pricing and discounts where applicable to any product. We will take care of calculating total discounts and any outstanding amounts for each order.

Add financial details to the order such as paid amount, discount, payment type and payment term, payment due dates and more.

Get automatic invoices for each order.

Get all client billing information ready to go on a daily basis.

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