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We simplified shipping process to ensure that no more time is wasted on logins and management third party systems to consolidate inventory and orders, to create shipments and print shipping labels. Using Jinn capabilities you can easily track your order from initial acceptance until the doorstep of the final recipient with a click of a button.

The main advantage of Jinn is that we can fulfill and ship out the orders on the same day if orders are placed by 12 p.m.

What Jinn shipping offers the e-commerce industry

We simplified shipping process to ensure that no more time is wasted on logins and management third party systems to create shipments and print shipping labels. Our fulfillment process starts as soon as customer placed an order. When order is received we can immediately start processing the order and ship to your customer in most cost and time efficient way.

List of couriers and future integrations to improve shipping

Simplify the delivery process

We understand the importance of seamless operations when it comes to managing your shipments, which is why Jinn team is working on integrations with the biggest and most popular courier services.

Remove the complications of multiple deliveries via third-party services by using our direct courier API integrations. Our multi courier integrations mean you no longer have to log onto multiple courier systems, set up separate agreements with couriers or manually type out tracking numbers for each order.

Automatically printed shipment documentation such as packing lists, waybills, pallet labels and invoices

Documentation & last mile delivery

According to (RILA, 2021), 90% of consumers expect eCommerce orders to be delivered within 2 to 3 days. Jinn offers competitive delivery promises and reduced last-mile delivery costs.

With Jinn software you do not need to worry about preparation and issuing shipment related documentation. Packing lists, waybills, pallet labels and invoices can be prepared automatically and printed when required.

With direct e-commerce store integrations streamline your product flow from the shelf to the doorstep of recepient.

Storage spaces in fulfillment warehouse

Few things to keep in mind


The cut-off time depends on the warehouse where you store inventory

The order must contain warehoused products only and all of them must be in stock to qualify for same-day order fulfillment

Orders with out-of-stock products that are stocked in with a new inventory shipment, returned, or previously reserved product won't qualify for same-day fulfillment

More than just a shipping

Scale your operations with all your couriers in one place


multiple couriers available

Simple and seamless shipping process


shipping done right

Simplified and real time order tracking


simple order tracking

Automated shipping label printing process

Print labels

automatically print labels

Get access to a network of pick-up and delivery points

Pick-up points


order package

Provision of additional packaging if required

pick-up location network

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